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  • Surface Defects
  • Dusting
  • Jointing Problems
  • Low strength
  • Curing problems
  • Yield Discrepencies
  • Entrained Air
  • Concrete Testing

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The making of concrete is a science however; understanding how concrete performs is an art.  There are countless variables that contribute to the performance of concrete. The environment, which the concrete is placed, the ingredients used in the concrete, and the method, which the concrete is placed all, contribute to the performance of the concrete.

When the concrete does not perform as desired the result can be unsightly or inferior structurally. Many times it is necessary to not only diagnose the problem but also find the cause and the party responsible for the damage.

Common Surface Defects:

Scaling – flaking of the top surface of the concrete also called spalling

Crazing – small hairline cracks that have an “alligator” appearance usually found in concrete finished with a steel trowel

Plastic Shrinkage Cracks - cracks that form while the concrete is still wet

Blisters - hollow bumps 1” diameter or less in size on the top surface of the concrete, usually found in concrete finished with a steel trowel

Curling – the distortion of a slab into a curved shape normally associated with circular cracking.

Delamination – similar to blisters but much larger, even up to several square feet.

Discoloration – non uniform in color on the surface of a single load of concrete.