"Our law firm frequently attempts to resolve disputes between owners and contractors. When such disputes arise, we have represented owners and contractors. Each time this type of construction dispute involves concrete, my first call is to Janet Owens White."

"I know, from my experiences working with her to resolve such disputes, that Janet's expert opinion, regarding the existence or cause of a construction defect and its remedy if necessary, will be accurate, straight forward, and well reasoned and documented. Armed with this type of unshakable expert commentary and documentation, disputes are ultimately resolved quickly and fairly, a resolution our clients expect!"

"I have worked with Janet in the field, watched her work and interaction with our clients and adversaries, and can state uneqivocally that her company is the only concrete expert we will ever use! An expert we trust this much is rare, she can be a valuable asset for your firm as well"

Mick Walker
Fassetto & Walker, LLP - Denver, CO


With over 18 years of experience within the concrete industry, Janet Owens White, P.E., Inc., has the expertise for providing investigation, analyses, and expert testimony in litigation involving concrete or other construction related matters.

Janet Owens White, P.E., Inc., has been retained by attorneys to provide:

  • Expert reports
  • Expert witness
  • Forensic Investigations of Concrete Work and Concrete Products
  • Construction Practices & Materials Evaluation

Concrete problems effect everyone:

  • The homeowner who is unhappy with the appearance of a driveway because it is discolored.
  • The contractor who cannot collect on a project because the surface of a patio has scaled.
  • The home builder who needs and expert to analyze cracks in a foundation wall before the project can continue.

These are only examples and a list of possible concrete problems would be endless.

Do you have a concrete problem that needs an expert opinion or maybe even an expert witness? At Janet Owens White, P.E., Inc., we provide concrete solutions for your problems.

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