Concrete is the foundation of most construction projects. Defects in concrete can be caused by environmental factors, inferior materials, poor workmanship, inherent structural design defects, and inadequate maintenance, along with other possible factors.

Janet Owens White, P.E., Inc., was founded in 2004 to help those in need of solving concrete problems, and has over 18 years experience in the concrete industry, designing concrete mix designs, producing ready-mix concrete, and controlling concrete in the field.

With experience solving a variety of concrete problems, we will be able to benefit you and find the most cost-efficient solution.



Concrete defects can be unsightly or inferior structurally. Please call or email us so that we can help diagnose the problem, find the cause of the damage.


readymix concrete

Producing concrete requires expertise in materials, mix designs, production, testing and even certification of the batch plant, mixer trucks and personnel. We have the expertise you may need for your project.


expert witness

Use Janet Owens White, P.E., Inc., an expert who attorneys have come to rely on and trust.  We have knowledge in all aspects of concrete including design, production, placement and service.